About the KnKt’d Platform

KnKt’d is a software platform for better connecting providers and consumers/clients on a daily basis. The system is completely person centered and designed to be collaborative at all levels. It is an app that collects daily information from the consumer/clients via push notifications not unlike social media. It is a website that displays wellness of consumers/clients daily (with the click of the mouse) and an internal system SMS (text) communication tool. Lastly, it is a system for daily data on consumers/clients that will provide better outcomes and treatment focus. It will also provide data to funders of programs (State, Federal and grant resources).

The KnKt’d software platform is a comprehensive solution for present and future data driven system needs. It will help solve staffing challenges and client prioritization needs; due to overwhelming caseload numbers. Most of all the KnKt’d platform can be molded and adapted to fit your needs. In the process of developing this product the company has gone to great lengths to talk, listen and incorporate all the needs of consumers/clients, providers and funders into the systems features. In the end developing a product that meets the varied needs of everyone at every level.

Interactive Modules

  • The first five tracking modules interact together. The system asks progressive questions about how the individual slept, how they feel, utilization of coping skills and use of supports.
  • Within the triggered system it then decides what realm of green, yellow or red the answers rest in. If the system surpasses an internal threshold a notification will be sent out to the consumer clients crisis teams, family and supports, notifying them that they need help (consumers/clients and providers decide who this will be together at the initial appointment).
  • One touch distress button feature to reach out for help instantly or to instead choose to utilize coping skills.
  • Provider and consumer can add and remove modules and supports as they need, to better fit the daily treatment/wellness needs.

Static Modules

  • The appointment reminder module, notifies people of their appointments for 3 days prior up until the time of their appointments. It then gathers feedback about the appointment afterwards. This is module designed to help reduce no call no show rates and to better understand the provider consumer/client relationship and fit.
  • Up-loadable daily journaling module, helps define what happened on a day to day basis for review at the next appointment
  • Individual goals on the ISSP (treatment plan) can also be tracked using two static modules for meeting State and Federal Statutes.
  • Medication management module reminds people to take their medication at specific times and then gathers feedback about whether they feel it is working.

Collaborative Approach

  • All module configurations are entered and reviewed collaboratively by the consumer/clients and providers. The system is designed to be a truly person centered approach.
  • Providers and consumers/clients can also choose to add additional people to have access to their KnKt’d system. Like family, friends, supports and other providers working with the consumer or as part of a team.
  • There is an internal messaging system, so that consumers/clients and providers can communicate with each other to provide support as needed or as time permits.

Aggregated Data

  • ALL CAPTURED INFORMATION is uploaded and converted into easily viewable charts or at a glance reports.
  • Providers can log into the system at any time and review the data to see exactly how their consumer/clients are doing at the click of a button. They can then schedule consumers/clients who are struggling with their wellness to come in sooner than their appointment time in order to offset any issues before they arise.
  • This data will be reviewed by the provider and consumer/client at the next appointment so treatment can be focused on helping people get better sooner. No longer will consumers/clients and providers have to think about what happened since the last appointment or not have anything to specifically work on due to lack of information or data.
  • Data can be pulled to review the effectiveness of certain treatment modalities and or medications.
  • Data can be pulled for one or thousands of consumers/clients to show how well allocated funds are being utilized.


  • Aggregated data reports can be exported/printed to include in hard charts, EHR’s (Electronic Health Records) or to be given to the consumer/client.
  • Providers have the ability to print an at a glance view (uploaded data of past 1-4 weeks, aggregated for easy viewing) saving time in reviewing data prior to the appointment.

HIPAA Compliance and Security/Privacy

  • KnKt’d is HIPAA compliant at all levels.
  • KnKt’d sensitive data is encrypted all the time. That means that sensitive data in motion or at rest it will be encrypted.
  • No data will be stored on the phone unless the data is waiting to be uploaded.
  • Normal answers will be stored and aggregated using a cloud database.
  • Personal data will be stored on a hard server with multiple layer encryptions.


  • The monthly service access fee is paid by the providers and the cost is less than $2 per month per consumer/client.
  • At the current standard and customary billing rates, only a few minutes of interaction between the KnKt’d system by the provider and consumer/client will pay for the entire month’s service fee.
  • We are currently working on reviewing Medicaid/care rules that will allow for electronic case management billing. So that this tool can be billed for through federal dollars as electronic case management. This is not unlike normal case management or EHR (Electronic Health Record) review codes being used now.

For any question please contact support@synergisticreations.com