For Patients/Consumers/Clients

KnKt’d Health is a (App/Cloud/Website) software platform for better connecting you and your providers on a daily basis. The system is designed to be completely person centered and collaborative at all levels. It is an app that collects daily information via push notifications not unlike social media. It is a website that displays your daily wellness to your provider and an internal system SMS (text) communication tool. Lastly, it is a system for gathering daily data to better focus care.

So much happens between appointments that isn’t known or tracked, all this information is essential to helping you find a better place of wellness. It is time to be better KnKt'd with your providers and time to be in control of your health!


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For Providers

KnKt'd Health brings treatment into mental health, addiction and chronic illness patient's everyday lives. KnKt'd is a progressively triggered technology solution (patient app/encrypted cloud database/provider website portal) that enables patients and providers to work collaboratively towards better places of wellness. 

HIPAA, 42 CFR part 2 compliant, encrypted and based from current evidenced based practices. 

We work with Inpatient providers, Outpatient providers, Universities, Hospitals, Employee Health Programs, Medical Practices, Payors and are helping many providers with State Targeted Response to the Opioid Crisis and Medication Assisted Treatment.

The benefits of using the KnKt'd Health platform are:

  • Reduction of case management burdens
  • Extends providers clinical arm
  • Decreases length, cost and duration of treatment
  • Cultivates daily treatment engagement and clinical relationships
  • Increases focus on are during and after appointments
  • Provider and patient communication tool
  • Builds and solidifies daily patient mindfulness in treatment
  • Reduces episodic care and emergency service utilization
  • Reduce no call, no show rates
  • Daily treatment reminder notifications
  • Post discharge treatment adherence, follow-up and outcome tracking
  • Client prioritization and additional revenue generation
  • Produces real-time actionable client data, and analytics
  • Aids in meeting requirements of Triple/Quadruple Aim and Meaningful Use (MACRA)
  • Assists providers in Value Based Care, and Merit-Based Incentive Payments
  • EHR/EMR integratable with bi-directional communication capacities
  • Wearable and implant bridgeable
  • Ability to integrate multiple data streams into one location
  • Modularly constructed, infinitely scalable and easy to use

For more information please contact: or visit our website at